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Company Culture

Nanhai Yilian believes & obeys: “Reliable Quality, Reasonable Price, Timely Delivery & Comfortable Service” is the base of our survival, & the way of development.

Reliable Quality
Production under control of the agreed standards is the basic of the cooperation, so we set up a strict quality management system, from material purchasing, productive process, packing & delivery etc. during the whole process, with detailed workable standards & process, & make sure all the process is traceable & controllable.

Reasonable Price
We cannot promise to offer the lowest price, but we will select the good & reliable suppliers, set the scientific & effective working process, use the reasonable & economical material, & keep improvement etc. to control our cost, and then offer the reasonable price product & service.
In fact, A reasonable profit is a must that support a company to develop & improve continuously, & only a continuous developed company can offer more & more long term support to his cooperator & achieve each other.

Timely Delivery
We believe that everything should be done at the right time and in the right way. We know that any unreasonable ahead or delay may cause unnecessary chain reaction and bring more or less chaos and trouble, so we will do our best to deliver the qualified products or services within the time agreed by both parties and make the process run smoothly.

Comfortable Service
Negotiation is a hard process, finally sign a contract to start the cooperation it’s not an easy job, and to us, contract signed is just the beginning, how to fulfill the contract smoothly, how to be sure that our small link incorporate into the client’s big link smoothly, how to let the clients’ feel comfortable & satisfied to give us the job… which are our real except & what we effort on, we believe “Comfortable Service” will draw a better future!

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